Friday, June 17, 2011

CRaZy hot.. Crazy Water! June 2011 newsletter

For the funniest yet accurate accounting of the early Crazy Water days, watch The Daytripper. Cher Garner and his crew were FABOLOUS! Check it out on KERA (Dallas's PBS station) July 23rd at 10:30am.

Our new punch and save vending cards. Its simple for every 100 gallons of vended water you get 10 free. Pick up ours at the Pavillion and start punching for your free CRAZY WATER!

Crazy Water in the NEWS.. On WFAA Dallas. Go MAVS!!

"I know Crazy Water is an important part of my performance and hydration, any athlete looking for an advantage in the Texas heat will say the same!"- Bryan Fawley, Pro Cyclocross and Mountain Racer

Acclaimed Dallas bike racer, Bryan Fawley, is now a supported athlete and spokesperson for Crazy Water. "I was looking for the best hydration option I could find for cycling. I tried Crazy Water and I could tell right away it made a positive difference in my performance."
Bryan specializes in Cyclocross racing, a fast-growing type of bicycle racing that consists of many laps around a short course that can feature a combination of pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike past an obstruction, remount the bike and continue the race. "With Cyclocross you can't drink water during the race and you have to carry your bike over and over. Crazy Water keeps me super-hydrated during the race and re-hydrates me after each race."
Bryan joins a growing group of athletes who have discovered Crazy Water, realized the performance advantage it gives, and then contacted Crazy Water about becoming a spokesperson.

Mike Modano: "I discovered Crazy Water a few years ago and drink it on a regular basis. Now it's my only water of choice. Love the health benefits and the way it hydrates me during training and after games– so much so I brought cases and cases of it with me to Detroit last Fall."

C.J. Wilson: "Being in the heat all summer long has given me the opportunity to experiment with different brands of water over the years, and I feel like the minerals in Crazy Water really help replenish what I lose on the field"

Brian Johnson: "Our drinking water selection is a very important step in achieving long-term, good health. My favorite is Crazy Water. My clients love it and it really makes them feel better."

Brett Hull: "Crazy Water is now the only water I drink. I like the taste but even more how it makes me feel. You might not think hydration would be as important to me as it was in my playing days, but anyone who's ever knocked out 36 holes of golf on a July afternoon in Texas knows what I'm talking about!"

At Whole Foods Fairview, over $1,000 raised for Feed the Children Tornado Relief.

Mike Modano and wife Willa Ford tag teamed to raise money for relief efforts for tornado victims. The Modano's teamed up with Crazy Water, Feed The Children and Whole Foods in an effort to raise funds and deliver water to victims who have been effected by the devastating weather recently.

Mike and Willa signed bottles of Crazy Water for donation at Whole Foods in Fairview raising over $1000 in under two hours! Crazy Water matched donations in water sending 3 pallets of Crazy Water to victims. We thank everyone for coming out to support in this GREAT cause and for the media groups for helping us get the word out fast!

Here is a sneak peak at our new education and promotion .5 liter labels. The new .5 liter bottles will feature 5 of our Craziest, CRaZed Crazy Water advocates. Our new labels will help us educate consumers how Crazy Water is beneficial for re-hydration to beat the summer heat. We are SO EXICTED and thank our advocates for being such strong supporters of Crazy Water. We do not pay our advocates. They LOVE our water and just ask to keep bringing them more and more and more!

Thank you for continued support of Crazy Water! We appreciate every Crazy drinker out there and here for you. Please reach out to us with any questions or comments you have. This summer is starting off very HOT so stay hydrated and be safe!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take a Spring Break Day Trip to Mineral Wells

Spring is Here!

This spring break, if you're staying close to home, come taste history at the Famous Water Bottling Company. You too can relax in the Famous Water Pavilion where visitors would sit all day enjoying the famous local water with a game of checkers or cards.

Enjoy the following special events during Spring Break to make your day trip even more fun:

Saturday, March 12 and Tuesday, March 15 through Saturday, March 19

Take a tour and sample all four versions of Crazy Water. Choose your favorite water and create your own Crazy label for only $1 (as long as supplies last). The water pavilion hours for spring break are:
8:00am-5:30pm, Tuesday – Friday
9am-6:00pm, Saturday
10:00am- 3:00pm, Monday
Closed Sunday

Thursday, March 17th
8:00am-5:30pm: St. Patrick’s Day - Bring the family and enjoy FREE Crazy green drinks from the Famous soda fountain

Saturday, March 19th
2:00- 6:00pm Crazy Water games - Let your kids compete in Crazy carnival games for Crazy prizes!
6:00- 9:00pm Saturday Night Live at the Famous. Enjoy a cook out in the garden with live music by Christa Russell , $10 adults, $5 kids (includes dinner and all the Crazy Water you care to drink)

Saturday Night Live
at the Famous

Enjoy Dinner and live music performed by Mineral Wells native Christa Russell
6:00- 9:00pm
Saturday, March 19th

Email or call for reservations
(940) 325-8870

Christa Russell was one of the most praised musicians at the Crazy Water festival this fall. Though formally trained in opera and classical music, Christa Russell has always known that the blues and raw, organic country was in her blood. She draws on the influences of Patsy Cline, Eva Cassidy and Linda Rondstat to capture the hearts and minds of her audience.

The Greenwood Volunteer Fire Department enjoying their Crazy Water!

The Greenwood Volunteer Fire Department reached out to us needing water to help them stay hydrated during this fire season. Little did we know they would have so much fun modeling for us!!! Keep safe guys and thank you for all that you do for your community!

Stretch your Fuel Dollars.

Don't let the raising fuel prices keep you from your Crazy Water. We want to help you stock up with a few extra bottles by offering new 5-gallon bottles for only $8 each. ($3 off)

St. Patrick’s Day
Thurs. March 17 FREE greenCrazy Soda.(one per person)

Been waiting for home delivery?
We are expanding our home delivery routes into some parts of Ft Worth and Dallas. Call for details.

Remember Wade Mackey from the Crazy Water Dunk booth tour? Wade is now pitching for the Ft Worth Cats. Catch a game this summer to see him. Way to go Wade we are proud of you!

Introducting Forager Foods- New DFW area distributor offering Crazy Water in .5L, 1L and 5-gallon. Delivering to natural, independant , speciality, resturants and health centers. Call Email for more details!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alkaline Drinking Water Benefits: Reverse Osmosis Vs. Naturally-Occurring Mineral Waters

By: Brian Johnson

Water is life! Water is the source of life, necessary for the existence of every living thing. Every physiological function in the body requires the presence of water. Surprisingly, in spite the recent focus on the benefits of organic and natural products, the advantages of naturally-occurring drinking waters often go unexamined. Here is an overview of the benefits of high-alkaline, naturally-occurring mineral water.

Water is life! Water is the source of life, necessary for the existence of every living thing. Every physiological function in the body requires the presence of water. Surprisingly, in spite the recent focus on the benefits of organic and natural products, the advantages of naturally-occurring drinking waters often go unexamined. Given its importance, how often do you ask yourself the crucial question, “Is the water I’m drinking really healthy?”

Drinking Water Choices
When it comes to choosing our drinking water, there are many options available. The many, many companies that sell various types of waters are quick to point out their variety of benefits. Some claim that their water is low in contaminants or that it simply tastes better than tap water, which are of course good things. But, those benefits may have to be tempered, depending upon how the water is produced.

Is reverse osmosis a Good Thing?
Reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the most commonly-used methods for decontaminating traditional tap water and some common bottled waters. The advantage of the RO process includes the removal of contaminants such as fluoride, lead, and chlorine (all of which are things we should all avoid as much as possible, to be sure). It is easy to understand why we would think the reverse osmosis process would be healthy. Unfortunately, however, the reverse osmosis process strips the natural water of its minerals constituents, leaving tasteless and (in our opinion) unhealthy drinking water. Here’s the newsflash that America is missing out on: we need minerals in our food and water! Consuming food and water devoid of minerals dilutes your bodily supplies and wreaks havoc on your body in the long run. In addition, the RO method of contaminant-removal also causes the water to become more acidic. Acidic water (i.e., water with a relatively low PH level) causes calcium and other essential minerals to be stripped from our bones and teeth. The basic truth is: to remain healthy, we really need the naturally-occurring minerals found in our food and water.

Alkaline Drinking Water Benefits
A great alternative to drinking reverse-osmosis waters is naturally-occurring mineral waters. Much like the push for locally produced organic foods, we should strive to drink locally, naturally occurring waters. Nature has provided the perfect mix of dissolved solids (minerals) in these natural waters and their essential minerals are more readily utilized by our cells. Here are some of the other specific benefits of naturally-occurring waters:

1. A higher alkalinity that aids in neutralizing acid in the body while providing more oxygen to the tissues. (This benefit is HUGE, considering that most water people drink is acidic in nature and therefore damaging to bodily tissues)
2. The presence of natural Sodium bicarbonate that helps delay the onset of fatigue and assists in the neutralization of lactic acid. (Note that lactic acid is the primary cause of muscle soreness)
3. Providing calcium that helps to stabilize bone structure, teeth and cell membranes that also assists in the prevention of blood clotting.
4. Supplying potassium that aides in the growth of new cells and regulates pressure between the cells.

Each of us is made of over 75% water, so getting it right when it comes to the water we drink is a very important part of achieving long-term, good health. That is why you should consider drinking water sourced from natural wells. People who have followed the suggestion to change over to naturally-sourced water have found significant positive differences in the way they feel. Many have reported better digestion and healthier-looking skin.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy Water enhanced by Mother Nature NOT some Factory

Crazy Water as you know is an all-natural mineral water. In the early 1900's, mineral water was available throughout the United States. Texas author Gene Fowler wrote a book "Crazy Water- The Story of Mineral Wells and other Texas Health Resorts" were he talks of dozens of health resort towns just in Texas. Mineral water was a way of life throughout the US until the 1950's. Sadly today, Crazy Water appears to be the only still (meaning not bubbly) bottled mineral water that is still sourced and bottled in the United States.

As the water industry continually evolved, mineral water fell from fashion. Prescription drugs became more readily available and the public moved away from preventative care to modern medicine in the 1950’s. Bottled water had is new beginnings in the 1970’s as a healthful, convenient alternative. As tap water containment issues began to rise and the American family became even busier, bottled water sales and market competition sky rocketed. With many more players in the game, prices and profit margins were driven down. This led manufactures to the new niche market of enhanced waters.

As the consumer walks the water aisle in their grocery store, the countless types and brands of water can be quite confusing. Certain changes are being made to bottled waters that you should be aware of. First off, water is the source of life. Every single physiological function or chemical reaction in the body cannot take place without it. So the type of water you choose becomes very important. Let’s break bottled waters down into the following categories: Purified, enhanced/altered and mineral.

Purified bottled waters
Purified water is water from any source that is physically processed to remove impurities. Reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the most commonly-used methods for bottled water. The advantage of the RO process includes the removal of contaminants such as fluoride, lead, and chlorine (all of which are things we should all avoid as much as possible, to be sure). It is easy to understand why we would think the reverse osmosis process would be healthy. Unfortunately, the reverse osmosis process also strips the natural water of its minerals constituents, leaving it tasteless and acidic. Consuming food and water devoid of minerals dilutes your bodily supplies and wreaks havoc on your body in the long run. In addition, the RO method of contaminant-removal also causes the water to become more acidic. Acidic water (i.e., water with a relatively low PH level) causes calcium and other essential minerals to be stripped from our bones and teeth. [1]

Purified water’s popularity made market entry easy for the big beverage manufactures. Natural water companies tend to stay near the source. The source is where mother nature picked and is often not conveniently located near a major highway for shipping or in the middle of a densely populated area. But you can purify water anywhere, with any water source, which made it easy to bottle purified waters. Many purified waters are taken from city water supplies and purified before bottling.

Crazy Water No. 1 is purified using reverse osmosis. It is because we believe the body benefits from the minerals that we don’t promote No.1, but we respect our customers’ right to chose by continuing to make it available. No. 1 comes from our deep well and it starts out with a pH of 7.6. After the RO process, its pH is 5.2. We have discovered that by adding back just a touch of the unpurified water we can re-alkalinize it NATURALLY back to its original pH. No machines, no chemicals. We are proud to announce that Crazy Water No. 1 is now NATURALLY alkaline water!! We have Craig Keaton and Brian Johnson of The Movement, Dallas to thank for simple discovery.

Enhanced and Altered bottled waters
The public was learning that they were missing the minerals from their purified bottled waters and wanted more. The enhanced/altered waters—also dubbed functional, fortified, fitness or designer waters—promise health benefits beyond mere hydration. They claim to rejuvenate, replenish and restore the body, even to enhance vision, stamina or brain power with names that sound more like aromatherapy than beverages. A key problem for enhanced beverage makers is that many of the additives are synthetic and don't enhance the taste. That's why marketers camouflage the taste with sweeteners and berry, citrus and other flavorings.

Your water should not contain sugars or other additives. Time published the linked article below and brands like Vitamin water are under attack. “The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), to lead a class action claiming that Coca-Cola is violating consumer-protection laws with its Vitamin water brand. According to CSPI nutritionists, Vitamin water's sugar content more than offsets any advertised health benefits provided by the nutrients in the drink. ‘They added vitamins to crap,’….. Consumers shouldn't have to assume that the front of a label is a lie. You cannot deceive in the big print and tell the truth later.”

Read more at:
Is Vitaminwater Really a Healthy Drink? By Sean Gregory
Coca-Cola's Vitaminwater adverts branded 'dangerously misleading' by U.S. consumer group

This quote I found about a popular bottled water- “’ultra clean’ purified drinking water has a different chemical structure than regular water, which gives (this) water a higher boiling point, higher surface tension and lower viscosity.” Should your drinking water have a different chemical structure than nature intended? [2]

Mineral Water-
To be a mineral water, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that the water must contain no less than 250 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids and it must contain no added minerals. Sources are tested regularly to ensure safety (Crazy Water No.2 contains 680 TDS, Crazy Water No.3 has 1300 TDS, and Crazy Water No.4 contains 2700 TDS). Mineral waters contain trace minerals and electrolytes that your body needs. Nature has provided the perfect mix of dissolved solids (minerals) in these natural waters and their essential minerals are more readily utilized by our cells. Crazy Water naturally contains trace minerals and electrolytes, bicarbonates and a high pH and alkalinity. It’s that simple.

Many of us believe in organic, natural gardening and processes for our food. We search out products with ingredients that read like a recipe (note if a third grader can’t sound it out, you should not eat it). Water should be held to the same accountability. Water does not need to be made into a “Miracle Grow”. It needs to remain water, not genetically altered, added to or enhanced. I think they all just really want to be CRAZY, but can’t.

Bottled, Tap or CRAZY

I am not a person to ever toot my own horn and have therefore always felt timid to sing the accolades of Crazy Water, even though I wholeheartedly believe in its past and future. I worried that praise for Crazy Water from me would be seen as self-serving and I wanted people learn from the many believers in Crazy Water who sing its praises each and every day, and do it well. And to you Crazy Water advocates I say “Thank you” once again. It is because of the multiple generations of believers that Crazy Water has endured and prospered for over 130 years. However, I also believe in leading by example and I have come to the realization that by sitting back I have not been doing my job. I have learned and observed much over the past 10 years and need to start sharing it with you.

For MANY reasons, I believe that Crazy Water is the best water available in the market. I do hope to convince you of this with facts and from my observations of other Crazy Water believers.

Why You Should Be Crazy for Crazy Water
Part 1- Bottled, Tap or CRAZY

There has been for many years a debate over bottled vs. tap water. The debate has been waged as a national topic on TV, newspapers and the internet. Both sides have merit…. Your body does need the minerals found in tap water because they are not present in purified water. However, contaminates found in tap water are believed to be harmful. Here are my simple observations.

At the Famous Pavilion and at our homes, we practice organic gardening and follow Howard Garrett as our bible for gardening. Our flowers and vegetable plants are very healthy. We give them the primal nutrients they need and because of this they rarely are attacked by fungus or bugs. Here is where the water we give them comes into play. At the Famous and at “Granny’s” house, where we are watering with well water between rains, the vegetable plants continue to produce beautiful vegetables and plants flower throughout the hot summer. Because I live in the city, I must water with the local municipal supply rather than well water. My plants stay alive but they do not grow much, produce vegetables and seldom rebloom, unlike at the Famous or Granny’s. That is until we get a summer rain, and then they start to thrive. Have you ever noticed how your and your neighbors’ grass will stay alive but does little growing while you have the sprinklers on, but as soon as we get a big rain it greens up and you are revving up your lawnmower? If small plants react in such a manner to tap water isn’t it common sense that it would effect our bodies in some way as well?

On the environmental side of the debate of bottled vs. tap, I do not disagree with the argument of plastic bottles overwhelming the landfills. We Americans as a whole are very wasteful and accustomed to instant gratification. We like things fast and easy. Single sized bottles of ANY type beverage should only be used when practical out weights simple convenience. In the grocery markets, we promote larger 1-liter bottles verses smaller sizes to reduce the amount of plastic waste in bottles and packaging. We also pay the higher packaging costs to print labels on recycled papers, use eco-friendly inks and bottles made with recycled PET. We are far from perfect, but to get Crazy Water to our customers we have to put it in a bottle. We will continue to do so with as minimal an impact as possible to the environment.

At the pavilion, we promote Crazy Water in bulk. Customers from miles around bring in their own refillable bottles and this is the “bulk” of the business we do locally. Though my family has easy access to single serving bottles, we rarely use them. When we do use them at home, I will refill and reuse our small bottles a couple of times. PET at this time is the safest type of plastic available, but because of leaching fears (not yet proved but a potential reality), I do not freeze them, keep them in a hot car or use them after they start showing signs of wear. At home, we mostly drink out of glass mason jars filled from a 5 gallon bottle, and I don’t microwave our food in any plastic. We try taking a practical common sense approach that fits our family’s lifestyle to reduce contaminant exposure and limit our environmental footprint.

On a larger environmental scope, Crazy Water is the only domestically bottled still mineral water in the United States that I have found. And I do say “bottled still mineral water”. There are a few others places in the US that you can get mineral water but it is no longer bottled commercially or it has gas (bubbly). Not only is Crazy Water from a trusted source, but it is not shipped across an ocean from a source that is 1000’s of miles away. Below, you can find an article written by Brian Johnson of the Movement, Dallas titled “Bottled Water, Your Body, Our Ecology” which weighs the footprint of bottled with the risks of drinking tap water.

Crazy Water wins on both sides of the bottled water debate. With a mineral water, your body gets the minerals it needs from drinking water, without contaminates. I often tell customers “Crazy Water is like organic gardening for your body.” Your body needs the minerals and it wants them to be natural. This leads into Part 2 of “Why You Should Be Crazy for Crazy Water” which will discuss- how Crazy Water is enhanced by Mother Nature, not some Factory.

About me:
Carol Elder, owner of the Famous Mineral Water Company the manufacture and bottler of Crazy Water, wife and mother. She does not have a medical, grocery or manufacturing background but a passion for continuing the heritage and history of Crazy Water. The Crazy Water tag, “Making people feel good inside and out since 1881” is the inspiration to keep moving forward in all Crazy endeavors.

Count Nutrients Not Calories

article by Craig Keaton
The Movement- Dallas

Count Nutrients Not Calories

Are you or anyone you know actively pursuing to eat less, control appetite, reduce cravings, lose body fat? How much time, thought, and effort is put into the quest of trying to change your dietary habits and body composition?
My guess is you are trying too hard. You don’t need to change your work ethic or will-power, you need to change your food. And the simplest and potentially most effective change is the water you drink.

Our primal reason for eating and drinking is to acquire nutrients. We must have them for all of our bodily processes that are running 24 hours a day for the length of your lifetime. So if you don’t have the nutrition you need or in the amounts that you require, your body will continue to seek it. And that seeking is hunger, cravings, and more eating.

It’s not your fault it’s your food’s fault. Our foodstuffs are continually losing its nutritive value due in large part to poor farming and environmental practices. Therefore you are not getting the nutrients the body wants and needs. You are deficient in life’s necessary materials.

On top of choosing higher quality foods. The perfect place to start is giving your body what it needs a everyday, Water! Water should come with nutrition. It should contain copious amounts of dietary elements and dietary compounds, like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and even alkaline substances like Sodium Bicarbonate.

Unfortunately today, like our food, our water is devoid of this nutrition. Fortunately, however, like highly nutritious organic food, there is water that meets this standard. Crazy Water, with it’s naturally occurring blend of so many vital dietary elements and compounds you can be sure that you are not only hydrating with clean, pure water, but fulfilling your body’s needs for essential nutrition. And with a surplus of nutrients, you will have a deficit in food consumption. Your body got what it needs so it gives you what you want, a leaner and healthier you with much less effort!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Crazy Water Tour Kick off

We were blessed with many friends and family of both ours and Stan's who came out to celebrate the kickoff of the Crazy Water Tour. Stan sang, signed autographs and possed for a few pictures then he was off to his first "gig'.