Friday, February 11, 2011

Count Nutrients Not Calories

article by Craig Keaton
The Movement- Dallas

Count Nutrients Not Calories

Are you or anyone you know actively pursuing to eat less, control appetite, reduce cravings, lose body fat? How much time, thought, and effort is put into the quest of trying to change your dietary habits and body composition?
My guess is you are trying too hard. You don’t need to change your work ethic or will-power, you need to change your food. And the simplest and potentially most effective change is the water you drink.

Our primal reason for eating and drinking is to acquire nutrients. We must have them for all of our bodily processes that are running 24 hours a day for the length of your lifetime. So if you don’t have the nutrition you need or in the amounts that you require, your body will continue to seek it. And that seeking is hunger, cravings, and more eating.

It’s not your fault it’s your food’s fault. Our foodstuffs are continually losing its nutritive value due in large part to poor farming and environmental practices. Therefore you are not getting the nutrients the body wants and needs. You are deficient in life’s necessary materials.

On top of choosing higher quality foods. The perfect place to start is giving your body what it needs a everyday, Water! Water should come with nutrition. It should contain copious amounts of dietary elements and dietary compounds, like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and even alkaline substances like Sodium Bicarbonate.

Unfortunately today, like our food, our water is devoid of this nutrition. Fortunately, however, like highly nutritious organic food, there is water that meets this standard. Crazy Water, with it’s naturally occurring blend of so many vital dietary elements and compounds you can be sure that you are not only hydrating with clean, pure water, but fulfilling your body’s needs for essential nutrition. And with a surplus of nutrients, you will have a deficit in food consumption. Your body got what it needs so it gives you what you want, a leaner and healthier you with much less effort!

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